USA-UAE Alliance™ announces its first blockchain business forum to be held in Dubai

The USA-UAE Alliance™, founded by entrepreneurs and Georgetown University classmates Edward Cullen and Michael Amatulli, announced this week the launch of a new premier blockchain business forum, with its first event to be held in Dubai.  

The alliance will bring together the interests of the blockchain communities and impact-related investments to grow a global network that is impactful and sustainable.

The announcement also marks another milestone in increasingly warm relations between the USA and UAE. The UAE government has been very proactive developing a regulatory environment to further develop digital assets on a global scale. 

Said Edward Cullen, CEO of Crescite Innovation Corporation, “The USA-UAE Alliance™ is the latest example of international collaborators coming together and using blockchain technologies for economic growth and social good. We are appreciative of our education as continue to build.”

Benjamin Scott, who helped in the production and planning process for the inauguration of the President of the United States, will be the organization’s Director of Events.

The concept for the project was developed by Georgetown classmates Michael Amatulli and Edward Cullen.

Hester Peirce, Commissioner of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, will deliver a fireside chat to launch the blockchain business forum at Georgetown University. The talk, expected to be held on January 26th, will cover the past, present, and future of digital asset regulation.

Peirce has become a prominent thought leader concerning banking and blockchain regulations. 

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