Crypto, NFTs, Stocks – Claritus for Advisors arms financial advisors with a swiss-army knife of tools

As the crypto market goes quiet before its next major upswing, financial advisors have begun diversifying their offerings to help investors broaden their holdings and pivot to more alternatives-focused portfolios. 

Crypto advisors stand to benefit from this shift as well – why merely offer digital and decentralized assets and NFTs when investors demand new hedges against uncertainty in the form of real estate holdings, private equity, venture capital, and employee stock ownership plans (ESOP), and collectibles? 

At the forefront of this new trend is alternative investing is, a personal finance app designed to provide savers and investors with a straightforward and comprehensive overview of their portfolio’s performance while unlocking deeper insights that can lead to long-term gains. 

Recently, Claritus launched Claritus for Advisors, an integrated, affordable client portal for financial advisors that focuses on providing on-the-spot historical calculations of their client’s entire portfolio to deliver huge gains, even in today’s shifting challenging financial environment. 

The white-label solution provides advisors with private wealth intelligence, document storing, and automatic market updates to reflect up-to-date portfolio status in a sleek, sharable format to facilitate the rapid communication of any new development in the market with their clients, and dramatically improve collaboration. 

“Financial advisors seeking to meet niche investor demand require a tool that can not only add new asset classes to the portfolios they serve but can also forecast current and future portfolio values at a glance in a way that is easily shareable with clients,” said Gabriel Bilczyk, Co-Founder and Chairman at Claritus.

Additionally, Claritus for Advisors provides institutional investors with a powerful insight engine built to facilitate more intelligent decision-making when it comes to optimizing client wealth beneath an umbrella of the highest safety protocols.

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