Bitcoin has given birth to a plethora of new online phenomena which go beyond a new lense through which to view FinTech. Cryptocurrencies alone have provided, at least, a new paradigm of investment, currency exchange and startup funding, and at most a challenge to the assumptions on which central banks operate. Blockchain goes further, beyond finance, opening a new avenue through which to explore the store and transfer of information of all types.

Both have shortcomings and both are in their earliest iterations – it’s too soon to tell how or what will become of the subsectors bitcoin has germinated. But what is becoming clear is that the technology developed is different in its most fundamental nature, and has the potential to be as disruptive as any technology could hope to be.

At TheBitcoinMag we’re strapping in for the ride; the innovations and their precipitates come with a dense vocabulary, and complicated concepts. We’re dedicated to tracking and analysing the resultant trends and themes, parsing the jargon and grasping the abstractions. And delivering daily updates to a website which will furnish you with news and understanding from the latest of bitcoin’s offspring.


** The Bitcoin Mag is dedicated to news and punditry and maybe some fun along the way, but nothing published on the site should be considered investment advice in any way, shape or form**

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