netTALK Launches Cryptocurrency Payment Feature Allowing Users To Pay With Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum And Litecoin

netTALK, a company on a mission to reinvent the landline telephone, today announces that it will be accepting cryptocurrency for its international calling services. This includes Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin, making netTALK one of the first companies in its industry to accept cryptocurrency.

netTALK aims to leverage the latest technologies to give mobile consumers a greater freedom of choice. The company offers affordable home and on-the-go digital phone services, replacing landline telephones with ultra-low cost digital alternatives, all of which make it easy to enjoy clear quality calls with friends and family. Its latest device, ezLINQ, a VoIP ATA and mini-WiFi router combined into one compact device, empowers users to make crystal clear calls over the internet using any standard handset phone.

The Crypto Payment Feature will launch on all netTALK products and services, including the new ezLINQ device and netTALK’s Smartphone App – currently available for Android and iOS. Users can set up an account online via netTALK’s CONNECT portal here and buy TALK credits easily with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin. Once the netTALK CONNECT – TALK app has been downloaded, users will be able to see their TALK credit balance and use them to call landlines and mobile phones worldwide, at the best rates.

With the cryptocurrency market growing exponentially, more industries are turning towards Bitcoin and other cryptos to ease and improve payment transactions. The telecommunication industry, however, has been slow to adopt crypto payments. The launch of netTALK’s Crypto Payment Feature will therefore be the first in the industry to serve the crypto community, expanding netTALK’s VoIP services to new audiences around the world.

“We believe in the crypto economy and blockchain technologies. This is just the first phase in a series of initiatives to integrate VoIP technology with cryptocurrency and blockchain platforms,” said Nick Kyriakides, co-founder and COO at netTALK.

“As part of this initiative we will also be creating a new crypto team at netTALK, focusing on implementing a broad range of products and services based on blockchain technology.”

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